Nubax and Scoliosis

  • What is Scoliosis?
    Scoliosis is a permanent deformation of the vertebral column in the three planes of space. It manifests itself by an inclination of the vertebrae on the frontal plane, an inversion of the curves on the sagittal plane, and a rotation on the horizontal plane.This torsion of the column is dangerous, as it may cause deformation of the thorax and surrounding areas. Scoliosis should not be confused with the scoliotic attitude which is the result of poor posture and which is much less serious. It does not involve twisting of the vertebrae or deformation and can be easily corrected.

    Idiopathic Scoliosis and Secondary Scoliosis
    There are two types of Scoliosis. When the causes of the deformation of the column are unknown, Scoliosis is said to be idiopathic.

    This form of Scoliosis often appears during childhood or adolescence. Even if its origin remains mysterious, the hereditary factor sometimes comes into play and sometimes several members of the same family are affected.

  • This form of Scoliosis is the most common form, accounting for 70-80% of cases of Scoliosis. Secondary Scoliosis has a clearly identified cause. It may be the result of a neuromuscular disease such as poliomyelitis or myopathy, a genetic disease such as Marfan’s syndrome, or it may be due to a congenital malformation.

    What are the symptoms of Scoliosis?
    It is imperative to screen and treat Scoliosis as soon as possible, because the greater the degree of deviation, the more difficult the treatment.
    The problem is that this deformation of the vertebral column is not always accompanied by pain, and that it can therefore go unnoticed as long as the twist is not too severe.Poor posture, one shoulder slightly higher than the other, or the appearance of a bump on one side of the back when the child leans forward are signs of Scoliosis.An x-ray is necessary to determine where it is located and the angle of the twist.

    Who is at risk from Scoliosis?
    Although Scoliosis can occur in adulthood, it affects mostly children and adolescents.

    Girls are more affected than boys, and often have larger column deviations than boys. Adolescence is a period of risk. Before this stage, Scoliosis evolves slowly, but with accelerated growth, deformities can increase more rapidly.

  • Early detection is therefore essential to manage Scoliosis as soon as possible.

    Treating Scoliosis with Nubax Trio
    The treatment of Scoliosis takes place over the long term. Surgery is only necessary when the angle of deformation reaches 35 ° or more.In less serious cases, physiotherapy and the practice of swimming have proved their worth, as well as the spinal traction, particularly effective to treat this twist of the spine. Indeed, this method makes it possible to stretch the column and to align it with the pelvis and the shoulders, while making the vertebrae a correct position. With Nubax Trio, it is now possible to enjoy the benefits of spinal traction at home, with simplicity and safety.  Nubax works by using gravity, the weight of the upper body, and  leverage, to apply a traction force to  the back. Whilst pulling the shoulders and hips in alignment with the spine.Nubax is simple to use, and it takes three sessions of three minutes per day to regenerate the spine. Indicated for Scoliosis and many back problems, Nubax can also be used to correct a bad posture due to a scoliotic attitude.

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