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Nubax Trio Portable Back Traction Device

What is it?

The Nubax therapeutic traction device uses a clinically tested technique that is not only accessible to anyone, but with proven results. No assistance is required with your Nubax and all aspects of use are explained simply in the user manual. With Nubax, you will be able to create the ideal decompression force and apply it correctly to your back in a completely independent way, without having to move.

What does it do?

The Nubax Traction device has been clinically proven to –

  • Relieve lower back pain
  • Assist in maintaining a healthy back
  • Alleviate pain when performing physically demanding activities
  • Help you to maintain mobility and a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits to you

An improved and safer level of occupational health. It’s an effective pain relief method from sport and exercise. It provides a controlled pain management regime, as well as offering injury prevention, relaxation, and stress release. The Nubax device is also lightweight, at just 10kg, and folds easily for transportation. Nubax can also be a beneficial adjunct to a wide range of popular forms of therapy. It allows users the ability to apply traction to the spine under their complete control. You maintain a correctly aligned spine while stretching your shoulder and pelvis, offering a drug free alternative to pain relief


  • 43 x 80 x 57cm
  • 10kg

Free shipping within Australia

Available now for just AUD$ 450

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