Why Nubax Delivers Results

Nubax was developed from research into traction relief of back pain as well as  the needs of millions of back pain suffers from globally.

The three main results Nubax aims to achieve for our customers:

  • An end to their back pain.
  • A portable solution they could use anytime  and anywhere.
  • A drug free solution.

Nubax is a drug-free back pain solution designed to be used anytime, anywhere.

Nubax provides lower back traction relief from the convenience of your own home so you don’t  have to delay treatment when you are experiencing back pain.

With over one hundred thousand satisfied customers globally,
Nubax is the leading back traction therapeutic device for relieving lower back pain.

Sporting Great Testimonials

Developed, perfected and clinically trialled in Australia,

Developed, perfected and clinically trialled in Australia, Nubax has benefited many people, including Australian sporting greats who have used the Nubax traction device to:

  • Help with their back pain.
  • Support their efforts to stay in peak physical condition.
  • Achieve their sporting goal.
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Nubax Clinical Trials

Studies and clinical trials confirm the therapeutic benefits of axial decompression using Nubax on most lumbar and dorsal problems and pathologies.

The practice of axial decompression using Nubax has been extensively studied by chiropractors, physios and other medical practitioners with proven results, including a clinical trial by the University of Western Australia.

Nubax has conducted numerous tests using axial vertebral decompression, also known as traction or distraction, to prove it can resolve many

back problems, including but not limited to the following:

  • Rebuilding vertebral discs.

  • Relieving sciatica, cruralgia or radiculopathy.

  • Creating a suction force inside the disc at its nucleus, allowing the hernias to be drawn towards the centre.

  • Improving blood flow around the vertebrae and in the intervertebral cavity.

  • Relieving pain in the lower back, regardless of origin.

  • Improving mobility with people who suffer from back problems.

  • Relieving pain associated with facet osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and many other vertebral pathologies.

Clinical studies have shown Nubax to improve results by 85-90%. Although these studies are carried out over relatively short periods (less than three months), we believe from the thousands of Nubax customer testimonials we receive, that results will improve even more over longer periods of time.

Nubax® Trio is registered with the FDA, the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and conforms to the directives of the European Directives.

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Dr Tim Ackland
PhD- Associate Professor, Department of Human Movement, UWA
"The Nubax Trio is a unique device which successfully combines patient comfort and ease of use to alleviate lower back pain through spinal traction."
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