What is Nubax?

The Nubax therapeutic traction device uses a clinically tested technique that is not only available to anyone but also has proven clinical results. No assistance is required when using your Nubax and all aspects of use are easily explained in the user manual included.
With Nubax, you will be able to create the ideal decompression force and apply it correctly to your back in a completely independent way, without having to hang upside down.
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    1Face frontwards.
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    2Lean forward to begin your session.
  • back pain treatment at home
    3Feel your back stretching.
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    4Stand up using your hands.

Who is Nubax for?

Do you suffer from back pain?

Are you seeking a solution that effectively alleviates or eliminates pain from the following back conditions?

Nubax is a safe and simple solution that can quickly reduce your back pain within 30 days, or your money back.
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Try Nubax for 3 minutes, 3 times a day and you will feel the results! Get back pain relief in the comfort of your own home!

How does Nubax work?

At Nubax, we are committed to getting you back to what you love doing most, with-out back pain!
Back pain is the second leading cause of disability, making it a huge problem for sufferers to perform some daily activities; holding them back from getting in the garden, going to work, exercising, or even getting a good night’s sleep!
Nubax aligns the spine with the hips and shoulders correcting any postural deviations, and separates the vertebrae creating an increase in blood flow and promoting mobility in the back!
By providing safe traction of the spine, Nubax helps to increase mobility and prevent spinal compression.
Try Nubax today to get your back pain under control and get back to life!

Nubax Triple Effect

1. Inside the vertebral disk

By reducing pressure from the centre of the disc on the outside and creating a negative force, any herniations or protrusions will be aspirated and reabsorbed toward the centre of the vertebrae.

2. Interior of the intervertebral space

Blood supply is increased in and around the intervertebral disc and the


vertebral body. This allows for more nutrients to flow through the spinal column and for the healing process to be more effective.

3. Positioning of the vertebrae

The vertebral joints are realigned vertically and horizontally, and the reabsorption of the vertebral discs maintains the spaces between the vertebrae.


1. Decreases tension and contraction in your para spinal and dorsal muscles

2. Increases flexibility of your muscles and ligaments reducing the risk of muscle or ligament injuries and damage.

3. Improve your tone and elasticity which secures and maintains the position of your  vertebrae.

Studies and clinical trials confirm the therapeutic effects of axial decompression on most lumbar and dorsal problems and pathologies.

Watch a demonstration of Nubax

Nubax is a leading therapeutic back traction device that has helped over a hundred thousand satisfied customers alleviate their back pain, globally.

Using Nubax is suitable in a professional environment, and for personal use. Many therapists use Nubax successfully with their patients.

Therapists that have found benefit of their clients using Nubax along side their modality includes massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapist, and general practitioners.

For best results, axial decompression works best with short sessions through out the day, making micro adjustments which have an effect on the thousands of ligamentary, muscular and articular systems. Try it for 3 times per day, three minutes per session.

The intensity of the axial decompression force


depends on the angle at which you tilt the trunk of your body forward. Once the required angle is reached, a static axial decompression force is exerted along the spinal column from the hips to the shoulders.

At every moment you are in complete control of the force exerted and you can adjust it precisely by adjusting the degree of your inclination.


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  • Matt Priddis

    “I try to do everything I can to get my body in good shape for a game and the Nubax is something I have added to my overall program this year to hopefully help that. I have found it a very useful in opening up and relieving some tension in my lower back.”

    Matt Priddis

  • Jim Stynes

    “I couldn’t sit in a chair for more than a few minutes. When I did, the discs in my spine would bulge, causing pressure on the nerves in my back. Now, after using the Nubax Trio for nearly four months, my symptoms have reoccurred only once and I’m able to last a lot longer sitting in chairs. The best thing is that when I know I’ve caused some minor bulging in the discs, I can use the Nubax Trio before I go to bed and by the morning, I’m fine.”

    Jim Stynes

  • Sam Butler

    “I have used the Nubax this year to help take some pressure off my lower back. It does help loosen my back before training sessions and games. I feel this device would be of benefit for anyone trying to ease some back tension or pain. It is very easy to use and doesn’t take long to provide some effects.”

    Sam Butler

  • Bevan George

    “An injury to my lower back in 2005 made it nearly impossible for me to compete at the elite level as a member of the Australian Hockey Olympic squad. Even getting through a training session became too difficult and after almost a decade as a professional sportsman, the pain became too much. One of the boys at the Australian Institute of Sport put me on to the Nubax Trio as he had a lot of success with it himself. I started to use it before and after training as I had been receiving traction as a form of treatment from the team physio. Since then I’ve been playing and training with out any problems- I reckon that my back is as good as it has been for a long time.
    The Nubax Trio has been a great help to me and I would recommend that anyone with a back problem should give it a go. I’m due to retire at the end of the Beijing Olympics and am looking forward to waking up in the morning pain free thanks to Nubax .”

    Bevan George

  • I just bought it from Amazon. Unbelievable results! I felt the positive effects  the very first day I used it. I surely needed this for my low back problem which I have for many years. I finally felt relief and can no longer feel the usual pain.

    Santiago B Tejada
  • “I think more people should know about this product because if I did not have it for the last 15 years I think I would not be able to continue working as I have 2 slipped disks in my lower back. It puts things back in place after having bent down on the wrong way. I wish I could take it with me on holidays. I end up not travelling much cause I can’t be away from Nubax for too many days. I am 56 years old. Thanks again!”

    Rita Cachia
  • I have suffered debilitating back pain since rupturing 2 discs in my lower back over 10 years ago. I refused to have surgery, but was almost to the point where I proceeded with it, when somehow I discovered this device and as it had a money back guarantee I thought I’d give it a shot. I have not looked back for a minute! My back is better than it has been since rupturing the discs-to the point that I can once again garden!

    Liz Cunningham
  • “I am 67 years of age. I have been a bowler for approximately 11 years and have suffered from constant lower back pain for quite a number of years. I recommend the Nubax® Trio to anybody with back problems, especially to all throw bowlers out there who don’t admit it but do suffer from back pain. I would like to thank all those at Nubax® for their assistance and this wonderful invention.”

    Lindsey Woodland
  • “I am a mother of two. By the end of the day my back gets tired and stiff, my feet get sore and my legs hurt. Up until recently I have just put up with the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. Now however, I use the Nubax® Trio daily and find that it really helps to relieve that pain.”

    Michele Schmidt
  • “I was in terrific pain in the lower back and legs, visiting the Chiropractor and having deep muscle massages regularly and taking anti-inflammatories to help relieve the pain. I looked up the Nubax® site on the internet and found out how to order this product. I received my Nubax® Trio just before last Christmas and immediately started using it and since that time I have not looked back. I am a new me, I don’t rely on pain killers anymore; and I am able to go shopping by myself and push the trolley around-all without pain.”

    Colleen Wildman
  • “The Nubax® Trio has changed my life! After a month of use I felt relief, played tennis, footy and gardening without as much pain. Over time the pain has ceased. I still use the Nubax® Trio when I over do something. My life is back.”

    Anne Young
  • “I dreaded the thought of travelling around Australia as my husband usually visited his chiropractor every 2 to 3 weeks so as to keep him mobile. After using a hired Nubax® Trio for one month, we purchased one. We have now been on the road for 6 months – the Nubax® Trio travels with us.”

    Lois Pass
  • “The Nubax® Trio has stopped the back spasms and aching legs which made my life miserable. I am still on the waiting list for my operation, but I’m beginning to think that maybe I’d be just as well off without it and to keep using my trusty Nubax® Trio.”

    P. McDermott
  • “19 years ago I had a car accident that left me with Lumbar disc herniation. Since I have been using the Nubax® apparatus, I haven’t needed any chemical pain relief. No more long drives to see a chiropractor. The savings in time and money were immediate. The Nubax® apparatus is a total management plan.”

    Wendy Harrison
  • “Being a bricklayer with a bad back is not much fun. It’s pretty hard when you’re bending over all day picking up stuff. If I come home from work in the afternoon and I’ve got a stiff back…2 minutes on the Nubax® Trio, and it is instant relief from stress in your back.”

    Alan Ga deck
  • “Hi guys, just a quick note to say how effective your Nubax® traction device is. I had lower back troubles (bulged discs L4-L5, L5-S1) that with regular Chiro treatment and daily nubax use have allowed me to return to Ironman triathlon training and racing. I can’t speak highly enough of the very simple to use Nubax® device, it has saved my life! and now my Chiro is recommending it to all his clients, even he cant believe how effective it has been. Thanks so much! I am alive again.”

    Ben Monro
  • “I wish to express my satisfaction with the Nubax® Trio. Since using it over the last few years my back problems have eased dramatically. I have no hesitation in recommending the Nubax® Trio to other sufferers of back pain, as the machine is easy to use and definitely worth trying.”

    S. Leach
  • “For many years I had continual pain from my lower back caused by compression of my lower vertebrae pressuring the nerves, which in turn caused muscle spasms and extreme sharp pain. The only relief was from pain killers and/or hanging upside down on the monkey bars at the local park. The local chiro also provided some relief.

    Since trying and then buying a Nubax® Trio the changes have amazed me. I could feel a big improvement within a few days. The traction continually stretched and straightened my spine, the muscle spasm disappeared and my lower back regained flexibility and is now mostly pain free. It has definitely improved my quality of life.

    The Nubax® Trio is simple to use and can be used any time- no appointment needed. I use my Nubax® Trio just before bed every night and after a warm shower in the morning. I also use it during the day if the need arises. In the four or five years since I first started using the Nubax® Trio, I have not been to see a chiropractor- not even once!
    I thoroughly recommend Nubax Trio to anyone suffering lower back pain. It has definitely worked for me.”

    Ron Ward